SPIRIT Asset Protection and Risk Mitigation will protect your company from operational risks, ranging from fraud, theft and sabotage to poor performance, revenue leakage and ineffective internal controls.

Through an Internal Audit using proprietary Fact Based Inspection techniques, we identify risks and liabilities you do not know you have. We provide recommendations for corrective action.

Our suite of services allow you to screen applicants, assess policies and procedures, manage crises and measure effectiveness and efficiency to improve operations.

Our unique skillset drawn from experience as an FBI Inspector in Charge and CIA Inspector General School will not be found in Human Resources or other divisions of your organization.

Michael and his team are experts at identifying risks and operational problems and offering recommendations for corrective action.

We find the unfiltered facts.

Our additional services include:
Pre-employment screening - performed with the expertise that only retired federal law enforcement officials can offer.

Training in fraud prevention, workplace violence, corporate communications and customized presentations to meet your needs.

Crisis management - operationally and media response.

Internal Investigations - using our Fact Based Investigation model, we find the truth.

Call us at 913-499-0260 to discuss how we will improve processes and critical thinking to increase security, manage risk, limit liability and create a more productive work environment.