Corporate Cyber Security Testing

We provide 4 main tests for you when doing corporate cyber-security testing:

Network Security Assessments & Penetration Testing
Evaluate your defenses and get a clear view of the strengths and weaknesses in your organization’s networks. Our team will ensure you are aware of risks and vulnerabilities on your network and provide actionable advice on how to address issues and strengthen your security. Network security assessments can provide a comprehensive view or focus of your IT infrastructure:

  • Network perimeter security testing and analysis
  • Firewall and network device review
  • Evaluation of internal network security posture and threats
  • Penetration testing
  • Vulnerability scanning

Wireless Security Assessments
Wireless technologies are powerful enablers in business environments, but they must be implemented with attention to security. We have trained wireless security experts to help evaluate and provide recommendations for ensuring your wireless networks are secure and meet your business security requirements. We do this by doing the following for you:

  • Wireless network design reviews
  • Device configuration reviews
  • Wireless security testing and analysis

Network Architecture Security Reviews
Proven network security practices are applied in network architecture to provide a solid foundation for managing the security of the network. Networks designed without attention to security principles can open the organization to risks and be administratively challenging to manage securely. Security PS provides third party, expert reviews of existing or planned network implementation to identify security weaknesses in the design and apply security principles for greatest benefit.

Social Engineering Tests
When evaluating external or perimeter network security, one of the most challenging defenses to maintain is the “human” element. While not IT devices, people can inadvertently provide an attacker with access to IT assets, bypassing technical perimeter IT defenses. Gauge the impact social engineering attacks have in your environment and test the level of security awareness of your organization’s staff. We can conduct a variety of realistic tests using controlled, low impact methods that provides insight to the effectiveness of your security awareness programs and human operations.